Zigbee Gateway

About the Zigbee Gateway
  • Zigbee mini gateway can connect with several devices
  • Strong signal, wide cover range
  • Safe transmission
  • Send alarm to your mobile phone when there is something abnormal happened
About the Door Window Sensor
  • Real-time induces the door and window status
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Powered by a CR2302 button cell, can be used for a year
About the Motion Detection
  • Detect the movement of your house
  • 10ms quick response
  • Detect the thief or naughty pets, send alarm to you immediately Easy to install and remove
  • 120 degree 8m effective range
  • Powered by 2 AA batteries
About the Thermometer and Hygrometer Sensor
  •  Real-Time Detect the Temperature, Humidity Atmospheric Pressure Condition.
  • Automatically Alarm when Data is Abnormal.
  • Say Goodbye to Dry Air: You Can Connect the Sensor with Smart Outlet. If The Humidity Detected is Too Low, it can turn on the outlet and power the humidifier.
  • Help to Protect Your Baby Health: With the Sensor in Baby’s Room, You Can Timely Know the Change of the Tempetature of Humidity.

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