ZigBee Gas sensor


  • Working Voltage: AC110V~235V
  • Average power consumption: <1.5W
  • Sensitivity: 3000+1000ppm Alarm concentration
  • 6% LEL + 3% LEL
  • Networking: ZigBee Ad Hoc
  • Network Alarm sound pressure: 75dB/1m
  • Size: 79* 68* 31mm
  • Work environment: -10℃ ~ +50℃
  • Material: Plastic cement
  • Environmental humidity: maximum 95% RH
  • Distance of wireless networking:<100m (open environment)


ZigBee HA1.2 standard protocol is adopted with good compatibility

Ultra-low power design

AC power supply, tool-free installation, can be directly inserted into the wall socket

Can be used as a repeater to extend transmission distance

High stability semiconductor sensor

The shell adopts ABS+PC fire-proof, corrosion-resistant and self-ignition-proof

Replaceable plugs, suitable for users from different countries

Small fashionable appearance design; with appearance patents 9,3C fire certification


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